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“Carta de Cuba – Letter from Cuba”

Habana, the quay. People in colourful dresses.
A tobacco factory. Dark-skinned women with long fingernails skilfully rolling cigars. Most of them are smoking.

Crowds pushing to enter a bus. When the bus starts moving, many passengers cling to it outside, ride on the boards.

The sea, the beach. Small houses, family life. The telly is on, people are standing or sitting in the open, talking, the door is open. Dark, little backyards, chicken and rabbits in narrow boxes.

Impressions from Cuba, interspersed with historic footages, a drive along the street leading to the harbour.

Slogans and banners everywhere. Remembrances?

The viewer of this "letter" gets the impression of a "time in-between", no longer here, but not yet there.

Distances and sometimes stunning nearness.

Chistiane Kort

Documentary Film Festival Leipzig 1992